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Personal Training: About

About Your Coach 

Hey! I'm Braedeen. 

I am an ACE-certified personal trainer, sports nutrition specialist, and amateur strength athlete. 

I have nearly 10 years of experience in the fitness industry and four years as a certified personal trainer/nutrition coach.

I help my clients feel connected to their bodies and build positive habits that last a lifetime by creating a realistic, sustainable program that works with any lifestyle.

Personal Training: About

Online Training Options

Keep your coach in your pocket with our app-based coaching and programming options 

gym membership not included

A24 Fitness Exclusive

App-Training Membership add-on

A personalized workout program for members of A24 Fitness.
Workouts are updated every 8 weeks


(added to your recurring gym payments)


Custom workout program

Custom macronutrient goals

Smart meal planner

In-app macro tracking

Note: There is no coaching included with this package.

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1:1 Fitness and Nutrition Coaching 

With Braedeen


Optimize your training and nutrition with 1:1 guidance from a coach

Custom workout programming designed to help you reach your individual fitness goals. 
Home or gym-based workout options.

Personalized nutrition goals based on your current lifestyle and habits.

Weekly check-ins and 24/7 direct messaging with Braedeen. 

Form check video feedback from Braedeen.

Video demonstrations for each exercise

Progress tracking: strength, bodyweight, measurements.

Group chats for encouragement, accountability, recipe ideas, and bonus workouts.

Customized Workout Program

A fitness program designed specifically to work for your lifestyle



- One month of app access

- Demo videos for each exercise

- Progress tracking

-Direct messaging with Braedeen

- Continued app access without a program change for $30/month 

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Personal Training: Classes

Pre-Made Workout Programs 

Each program includes one month of app access and direct messaging with Braedeen!

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Beginner (2).png
Beginner (4).png

Beginner Gym Program

Build overall strength and gain confidence in a gym setting

-Three workouts/week
-Video demos for each exercise
-Progress tracking
-Six weeks of access to the A24 Training App
-Direct messaging with Braedeen

Knockout Glutes


-Four workouts/ week
-Two lower-body days with a heavy glute focus and two upper-body days
-Video demos for each exercise
-Progress tracking 
-Six weeks of access to the A24 Training app
-Direct messaging with Braedeen

Home Workouts

Build overall strength and muscle from the comfort of your home

-Four workouts/week (dbs and bands required)
-Video demos for each exercise
-Progress tracking
-Six weeks of access to the A24 Training App
-Direct messaging with Braedeen

Personal Training: Classes
Personal Training: Testimonials

I am so happy I’ve found Braedeen as a personal trainer.  She is perfect for someone who might be intimidated in the gym, as she makes you feel super comfortable in her atmosphere and using her equipment.  She has a lot of knowledge on how the body works and how to utilize all the equipment so you get the most out of your workouts!  I’ve been training with her for almost a year now working on controlling my body with chronic illness.  She took the time to research my condition and tailor my workouts so they don’t strain my joints and build me some nice muscles.  Her excitement about my journey keeps me going sometimes and I love that accountability.  She has a very kind nature about her that would work well with all age ranges. She has never once made me feel bad about myself or my limitations in any way and had helped me be more confident in myself. I would 100% recommend Braedeen to anyone!


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